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M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday
S Sunday


AAAS AAAS (African & African-American St)
ABDS ABDS (Advanced Basic Design Studies)
ABSC ABSC (Applied Behavioral Science)
ACCT ACCT (Accounting)
ACMP ACMP (Accompanying)
ADS ADS (Advanced Design Studies)
AE AE (Aerospace Engineering)
AEC AEC (Applied English Center)
AFND AFND (Art Foundations)
AMBC AMBC (Ambulatory Clinic)
AMED AMED (Ambulatory Medicine)
AMMD AMMD (Ambulatory Medicine)
AMS AMS (American Studies)
ANAT ANAT (Anatomy)
ANES ANES (Anesthesiology)
ANSL ANSL (Anesthesiology)
ANTH ANTH (Anthropology)
ANTM ANTM (Anatomy and Cell Biology)
ARAB ARAB (Arabic)
ARCE ARCE (Architectural Engineering)
ARCH ARCH (Architecture)
ASTR ASTR (Astronomy)
ATMO ATMO (Atmospheric Science)
ATMY ATMY (Anatomy)
AUD AUD (Audiology)
BASN BASN (Bassoon)
BCHM BCHM (Biochemistry & Molecular Biol)
BE BE (Business Economics)
BINF BINF (Bioinformatics)
BIOC BIOC (Biochemistry)
BIOL BIOL (Biology)
BLAW BLAW (Business Law)
BUS BUS (Business)
C&PE C&PE (Chemical & Petroleum Engr)
C&T C&T (Curriculum and Teaching)
CARI CARI (Carillon)
CCSL CCSL (Critical Care Selective)
CE CE (Civil & Envr Engineering)
CER CER (Ceramics)
CHAM CHAM (Chamber Music)
CHEM CHEM (Chemistry)
CHIN CHIN (Chinese)
CHOR CHOR (Choral Music)
CHUR CHUR (Church Music)
CLAR CLAR (Clarinet)
CLS CLS (Clinical Lab Sciences)
CLSX CLSX (Classics)
CMGT CMGT (Construction Management)
COMS COMS (Communication Studies)
COND COND (Conducting)
CORE CORE (Core SOM Preclinical Phase)
CRSB CRSB (Croatian-Serbian)
CSON CSON (Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography)
CTSU CTSU (Cardiothoracic Surgery)
CYTO CYTO (Cytotechnology)
DANE DANE (Danish)
DBBS DBBS (Double Bass)
DBS DBS (Design Basic Studies)
DFND DFND (Design Foundations)
DIAG DIAG (Diagnostic Radiology)
DIET DIET (Dietetics and Nutrition)
DN DN (Dietetics and Nutrition)
DRWG DRWG (Drawing)
DSCI DSCI (Decision Sciences)
EALC EALC (East Asian Languages&Cultures)
ECIV ECIV (Eastern Civilization)
ECON ECON (Economics)
EECS EECS (Elect Engr & Computer Science)
ELPS ELPS (Educ Leadership & Policy Stds)
EMGT EMGT (Engineering Management)
EMRM EMRM (Emergency Room)
ENGL ENGL (English)
ENGR ENGR (Engineering)
ENTR ENTR (Entrepreneurship)
EPHX EPHX (Engineering Physics)
ESLP ESLP (English Secondary Lang Prof)
EUPH EUPH (Euphonium)
EURS EURS (European Studies)
EVRN EVRN (Environmental Studies)
EXM EXM (Expanded Media)
FAPR FAPR (Family Practice)
FCMD FCMD (Family and Community Medicine)
FELW FELW (Fellow)
FIN FIN (Finance)
FREN FREN (French)
FRHN FRHN (French Horn)
FRSP FRSP (Foreign Study Program)
GEOG GEOG (Geography)
GEOL GEOL (Geology)
GERM GERM (German)
GRK GRK (Greek)
GS GS (Graduate School)
GSMC GSMC (Graduate Studies Medical Ctr)
GUIT GUIT (Guitar)
GYNO GYNO (Gynecology and Obstetrics)
HA HA (History of Art)
HAIT HAIT (Haitian)
HEBR HEBR (Hebrew)
HEIM HEIM (Health Information Mgmt)
HIST HIST (History)
HNRS HNRS (Honors Program)
HP&M HP&M (Health Policy & Management)
HPCD HPCD (Harpsichord)
HPMD HPMD (History&Philosophy of Medicine)
HSES HSES (Health, Sport, & Exercise Sci)
HWC HWC (Humanities & Western Civ)
IBUS IBUS (International Business)
ICM ICM (Intro to Clinical Medicine)
IDSP IDSP (Interdisciplinary)
INDD INDD (Industrial Design)
INMD INMD (Internal Medicine)
INS INS (Indigenous Nations Studies)
INTD INTD (Interior Design)
INTL INTL (International Studies)
IPS IPS (Information Processing Studies)
IST IST (Information Systems Technology)
ITAL ITAL (Italian)
JOUR JOUR (Journalism)
JPN JPN (Japanese)
JWSH JWSH (Judaic Studies)
KISW KISW (KiSwahili)
KOR KOR (Korean)
LA&S LA&S (Liberal Arts & Sciences)
LAA LAA (Latin American Area Studies)
LAT LAT (Latin)
LING LING (Linguistics)
MATH MATH (Mathematics)
MBIO MBIO (Microbiology)
MCOR MCOR (Marine Corps)
MDCM MDCM (Medicinal Chemistry)
MDRS MDRS (Medical Research)
ME ME (Mechanical Engineering)
MED MED (Medicine)
MEMT MEMT (Music Ed & Music Therapy)
METL METL (Metalsmithing/Jewelry)
MGMT MGMT (Management and Leadership)
MICR MICR (Micro, Molecular Gen & Immun)
MKTG MKTG (Marketing)
MTHC MTHC (Music Theory & Composition)
MUS MUS (Music)
MUSC MUSC (Musicology)
MUSE MUSE (Museum Studies)
NEUR NEUR (Neurology)
NMED NMED (Nuclear Medicine)
NRSG NRSG (Nursing (Graduate))
NURA NURA (Nurse Anesthesia)
NURO NURO (Neuroscience)
NURS NURS (Nursing)
OBGN OBGN (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
OCCA OCCA (Consortium Agreement)
OCTH OCTH (Occupational Therapy)
OHIN OHIN (Otorhinolaryngology)
OPTH OPTH (Ophthalmology)
ORCH ORCH (Orchestra)
OTD OTD (OccupationalTherapy(Doctorate))
OTHO OTHO (Ophthalmology)
OTMS OTMS (Occupational Therapy (MS))
OTOR OTOR (Otorhinolaryngology)
P&O P&O (Pathology & Oncology)
P&TX P&TX (Pharmacology and Toxicology)
PALO PALO (Pathology)
PAON PAON (Pathology and Oncology)
PCUS PCUS (Percussion)
PDRC PDRC (Pediatrics)
PED PED (Pediatrics)
PENS PENS (Percussion Ensemble)
PHAR PHAR (Pharmacy)
PHCH PHCH (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
PHCL PHCL (Pharmacology)
PHIL PHIL (Philosophy)
PHMD PHMD (Photomedia)
PHPR PHPR (Pharmacy Practice)
PHRM PHRM (Pharm, Tox, & Therapeutics)
PHSL PHSL (Physiology)
PHSX PHSX (Physics)
PHYS PHYS (Physiology)
PLSH PLSH (Polish)
PMED PMED (Preventive Medicine)
PNTG PNTG (Painting)
POLS POLS (Political Science)
PORT PORT (Portuguese)
PRE PRE (Psychology & Research in Educ)
PRNT PRNT (Printmaking)
PRVM PRVM (Preventive Medicine)
PSCR PSCR (Psychiatry)
PSYC PSYC (Psychology)
PTOX PTOX (Toxicology)
PTRS PTRS (Physical Therapy & Rehab Sci)
PUAD PUAD (Public Adminstration)
PVMD PVMD (Preventive Medicine)
PYCH PYCH (Psychiatry)
RAD RAD (Radiation Therapy)
RADO RADO (Radiation Oncology)
REC REC (Recitals)
REES REES (Russian & East European St)
REHB REHB (Rehabilitation Medicine)
REL REL (Religious Studies)
RESP RESP (Respiratory Care)
RLMD RLMD (Rural Medicine)
RSDT RSDT (Resident)
RUSS RUSS (Russian)
SA&D SA&D (System Analysis and Design)
SAXO SAXO (Saxophone)
SCAN SCAN (Scandinavian)
SCM SCM (Supply Chain Management)
SCUL SCUL (Sculpture)
SGRY SGRY (Surgery)
SLAV SLAV (Slavic Language and Literature)
SOC SOC (Sociology)
SPAN SPAN (Spanish)
SPCP SPCP (Special Programs)
SPED SPED (Special Education)
SPLH SPLH (Speech-Language-Hearing)
SPPR SPPR (Special Programs)
STRG STRG (Strings)
SURG SURG (Surgery)
SW SW (Social Welfare)
SWED SWED (Swedish)
TD TD (Textile Design)
TH&F TH&F (Theatre and Film)
TROM TROM (Trombone)
TRUM TRUM (Trumpet)
TS TS (Therapeutic Science)
TUEU TUEU (Tuba-Euphonium)
TURK TURK (Turkish)
UBPL UBPL (Urban Planning)
UKRA UKRA (Ukrainian)
UTEC UTEC (Ultrasound Technology)
VAE VAE (Visual Arts Education)
VION VION (Violin)
VISC VISC (Visual Communication)
VNCL VNCL (Violoncello)
W&P W&P (Wind and Percussion)
WENS WENS (Wind Ensemble)
WOLO WOLO (Wolof Courses)
WS WS (Women's Studies)


course Code
H Humanities
N Natural Science
S Social Science
U Undesignated elective
W World Civilization
CW Cult&Society OR Non-Western
HL Literature & the Arts PC
HR Philosophy & Religion PC
HT Historical Studies PC
LW Lit & Arts OR Non-Western
NB Biological Sciences PC
NE Earth Sciences PC
NM Mathematical Sciences PC
NP Physical Sciences PC
NW Non-Western Culture
RW Phil & Rel OR Non-Western
SC Culture & Society PC
SF Public Affairs PC
SI Individual Behavior PC
TW Hist Studies OR Non-Western


Class Types
ACT Activity
CLN Clinical
CON Continuance
DIS Discussion
DSO Discussion Optional
EXT External
FLD Field Studies
IND Independent Study
LAB Laboratory Main
LBN Laboratory
LEC Lecture
PRA Practicum
RSC Research
RSH Individual Research
SEM Seminar
SUP Supervision
THE Thesis/Dissertation
TUT Tutorial


LAWRENCE University of Kansas-Lawr Campus
EDWARDS Edwards Campus
ABROAD Study Abroad
KUMC-K Univ of KS Medical Ctr-KUMC
CNT ED O-C Continuing Educatn Off-Campus
EDWARDS-K Edwards Campus-KUMC
KU MED CTR Univ of KS Med Cntr-Lawr Crs
KUMC WICH Univ of KS Medical Ctr Wichita
LAWRENCE-K Unv of Kansas-KUMC Crs in Lawr
OFF CAMPUS Off Campus Site
OFF CMPS-K Off Campus Site-KUMC
OFF CMPS-W Off Campus Site-Wichita
PBLC MG CT KU Public Management Center




A&D Art & Design - Lawr
AAC Adams Alumni Ctr - Lawr
ABROAD Study Abroad
AIR1 Airport Hngr 1 - Lawr
AIR2 Airport Hngr 2 - Lawr
AL Allen Fld Hse - Lawr
ANSL Anschutz Lbry - Lawr
ANSP Anschutz Spts Pav - Lawr
BA Bailey - Lawr
BAHR Baehr Audio Rdr - Lawr
BATT Battenfeld - Lawr
BH Broadcasting - Lawr
BIORES Biomed Res Facility - KUMC
BL Blake - Lawr
BOTG Botany Grnhouse - Lawr
BREID Breidenthal - KUMC
BREIX Breidenthal Annex-KUMC
BRH Bales Organ Recital Hall
BRID Bridwell Rsrch Lab - Lawr
BUD Budig Hall-Lawr
BURG Burge Union - Lawr
BURGE Burge Union - Lawr
BURT Burt Hall - Lawr
C-J Capitol-Journal Bldg - Topeka
C-O Carruth O'Leary - Lawr
CAMP Campanile - Lawr
CDU Children's Develop. Unit-KUMC
CEB Continuing Education Building
CED Cont Ed - Lawr
CH Chamney Hse - Lawr
CHB1 Chamney Barn 1 - Lawr
CHB2 Chamney Barn 2 - Lawr
CHDU Children's Develop. Unit-KUMC
CHILD Child Care Facility-Lawr
CMH Children's Mercy Hospital-KUMC
CO-STATE State of Colorado
COMP Computer Svcs - Lawr
CONT Continuing Education Building
COR Corbin - Lawr
CR Chancellor's Res - Lawr
DANF Danforth Chpl - Lawr
DELPD Delp Pavilion (D) - KUMC
DELPF Delp Pavilion (F) - KUMC
DHDC Dole HDC - Lawr
DOLE Dole - Lawr
DOLEI Dole Institute of Politics
DOUT Douthart - Lawr
DYCH Dyche - Lawr
DYKES Dykes Library - KUMC
DYKLIB Dykes Lbry - KUMC
EATN Eaton - Lawr
ELLS Ellsworth - Lawr
ENT Entomology Rsrch Lab - Lawr
EVRN 517 W. 14Th Street - Lawr
FL-STATE State of Florida
FOL Foley - Lawr
FOLE Foley Hall - Lawr
FR Fraser - Lawr
GATE Gateway Complex - KUMC
GATEWA Gateway Complex - KUMC
GECL Geological Core Library - Lawr
GPH Grace Pearson - Lawr
GRN Green - Lawr
GRP Grace Pearson - Lawr
GSP G S Pearson - Lawr
HALL Hall Center - Lawr
HAMB Hambleton - Lawr
HASH Hashinger - Lawr
HAW Haworth - Lawr
HFAC Horejsi Family Athletics Fac.
HFAM Horejsi Family Athletics Fac.
HIGU Higuchi Building
HLTP Hilltop Ctr - Lawr
IL-STATE State of Illinois
IN-STATE State of Indiana
IOWA2706 2706 Iowa Street
JAYC Jay Care Ctr - KUMC
JAYT Jayhawker Twrs - Lawr
JCCC JCCC Classroom Lab Bldg
JCDS Johnson Cnty Developmental Sup
JGCP Juniper Grdns - Lawr
JRP J R Pearson - Lawr
JUNIP Juniper Grdns - Lawr
KCKS Kansas City, Kansas
KCMO Kansas City, Missouri
KIR Kirmayer Fitness Ctr - KUMC
KKAH K K Amini Scholarship Hall
KLEA KS Law Enfrc Trng Ctr - Hutch
KNEA KNEA Bldg - Topeka
KS-STATE State of Kansas
KSGW KS Geo Survey Wrhse - Lawr
KSUN KS Union - Lawr
KTL Kurata Thermo Lab - Lawr
KUEA Endowment Assn - Lawr
KUHOS KU Hospital - KUMC
KUPMC KU Public Management Center
KUVC KU Visitors' Center
LA-STATE State of Louisiana
LAND Landon Ctr on Aging - KUMC
LAWR KU-Lawrence - Lawr - Conv Only
LAWR-SCHL Lawrence Public Schools
LEA Learned - Lawr
LESS Homeless-Lawr
LETC KS Law Enfrc Trng Ctr - Hutch
LEW Lewis - Lawr
LIED Lied - Lawr
LIEDB Lied Biomed Res Fac - KUMC
LIN Lindley - Lawr
LINA Lindley Anx - Lawr
LINX Lindley Anx - Lawr
LIPP Lippincott - Lawr
LSRA Life Sciences Research Labs A
LSRBC Life Sciences Research Lab B&C
LVHS Leavenworth High School - Lawr
MAH Margaret Amini Scholarshp Hall
MAL Malott - Lawr
MAR Marvin - Lawr
MARS Marvin Studios - Lawr
MAXK Max Kade Center
MCH McCollum - Lawr
MCL McCollum Labs - Lawr
MCRL McCollum Labs - Lawr
MEMS Memorial Stadium - Lawr
MILL Miller Schol Hall - Lawr
MILR Miller - KUMC
MO-STATE State of Missouri
MOOR Moore - Lawr
MRB Multidisciplinary Res B - Lawr
MS Military Sci - Lawr
MULT Multicultural Resource Center
MUR Murphy Hall - Lawr
MURP Murphy - KUMC
NE-STATE State of Nebraska
NESA Nelson Envronmental Study Area
NIC Nichols - Lawr
NUN Nunemaker - Lawr
NUR Nursing Ed Facility - KUMC
OFFSITE KUMC Off-site - KC area
OK-STATE State of Oklahoma
OL Oliver - Lawr
OLAT Olathe Pav - KUMC
OLATHE Olathe Pav - KUMC
OLATHE-KS Olathe, Kansas
OLDF Oldfather Studios - Lawr
OLDS Old Schoolhouse - Lawr
OLV Oliver - Lawr
ORRM Orr-Major - KUMC
PA-STATE State of Pennsylvania
PAR Parker - Lawr
PARR Parrott - Lawr
PCL Pharm Chem Lab - Lawr
PEAR Pearson - Lawr
PRC Parsons - Lawr
PS Printing Svce - Lawr
RAIN 4125 Rainbow - KUMC
RAINBW 4125 Rainbow - KUMC
RC Regents Center - KC
REGN Regnier Hall
RESS Rsrch Support Fac - KUMC
RESSUP Rsrch Support Fac - KUMC
ROB Robinson Health & PE Ctr
ROBIN Robinson - KUMC
RSB Rec Srvcs - Lawr
RT1 Rsrch Trailer 1 - Lawr
SBDC Small Bus. Dev. Ctr - Lawr
SELL Sellards - Lawr
SIM Simons Biosci Rsrch Labs
SM-E Smith East (MRRC) - KUMC
SM-W Smith West (MRRC) - KUMC
SMA Spencer Museum of Art - Lawr
SMI Smith - Lawr
SMSS Smissman Rsrch Labs - Lawr
SNOW Snow - Lawr
SOMW Schl Of Med-Wichita
SON School of Nursing Bldg - KUMC
SP Spooner - Lawr
SPC Spencer Chapel - KUMC
SRFC Student Rec&Fitness Ctr - Lawr
SRL Spencer Rsrch Lbry - Lawr
ST Strong - Lawr
ST-F Stauffer-Flint - Lawr
STAD Memorial Stadium-Lawr
STCAT St Catherine's Hospital-KUMC
STCATH St Catherine's Hospital-KUMC
STCTR Student Ctr - KUMC
STDCTR Student Ctr - KUMC
STEP Stephenson - Lawr
STHS Statehouse - Lawr
STOU Stouffer Place - Lawr
STUDY-ABRD Study Abroad
SUD Sudler Hse - Lawr
SUDA Sudler Anx-KJHK - Lawr
SUDL Sudler - KUMC
SUM Summerfield - Lawr
SUTH Sutherland Inst - KUMC
TAYL Taylor - KUMC
TEMP Templin - Lawr
TWE Twente - Lawr
U KS Union - Lawr
UKSM Schl of Med-Wichita
UPK Univ Press Of KS - Lawr
UX Univ Extension - Lawr
VA Veterans Admin - KUMC
VARH Varsity Hse-Lawrence - Lawr
WAHLA Wahl Annex - KUMC
WAHLE Wahl East - KUMC
WAHLW Wahl West - KUMC
WATH Watkins Home - Lawr
WATK Watkins Schol Hall - Lawr
WATS Watson Lbry - Lawr
WELL Well Sample Library - Wichita
WES Wescoe - Lawr
WESB Wescoe Pavilion (B) - KUMC
WESC Wescoe Pavilion (C) - KUMC
WESCOB Wescoe Pavilion (B) - KUMC
WESCOC Wescoe Pavilion (C) - KUMC
WESL Wesley - Lawr
WH-E Wahl Hall East - KUMC
WH-W Wahl Hall West - KUMC
WRF Wakarusa Research Facility
WSAC Wagnon Student Athlete Center
WSHC Watkins Student HlthCtr - Lawr
WWSL Wichita Well Sample Lbry - Law
YOUN Youngberg - Lawr


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