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Student Lifecycle Technologies

Student Lifecycle Technologies at the University of Kansas (KU) combines the expertise of the Slate and Student Information Systems (SIS) teams to support the university's community, including prospective and current students, alumni, faculty, and staff across all KU campuses. These teams collaborate with various university units to ensure seamless system support for critical activities such as admissions, enrollment, billing and payment, financial aid, curriculum management, class rosters, grading, and academic records.

The Slate team is dedicated to maintaining and supporting the Slate Application, which plays a vital role in engaging prospective students. Meanwhile, the SIS team manages and supports the Enroll & Pay/Campus Solutions system, which is essential for managing student data such as enrollment, academic records, student financials, financial aid, and student delegation. Additionally, SIS oversees integrations with other support systems, such as Slate, to ensure the smooth flow of information across the university's systems.

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