Access & Training Overview


The Student Information Systems process for requesting access to Enroll & Pay begins with a supervisor or departmental representative filling out the access request form. This form routes directly to the Registrar for review.

After the Registrar approves the request, the user will be enrolled for any necessary training courses. Once training is completed, access will be assigned by the Enroll & Pay Security team.

SIS Security attempts to have access available within 5 normal business days after trainings have been completed. The user and requestor will both receive an automated e-mail notice when the access is available.

See also Policy & Access Definitions

Process Outline

  • Your supervisor or approved departmental representative must complete the Access and Training Request Form (login required).
    • Requests will be denied if a user submits their own form.
    • They will also be denied for insufficient justification. Copying and pasting the same justification in each box is unacceptable. Justification should demonstrate need for the access being requested.
  • The Registrar department will review the request and may reach out for clarification. This review may take up to 5 normal business days.
  • You will be enrolled for necessary training as part of the request and may be asked to complete additional in-person or departmental training.
    • Some courses are on Canvas
    • FERPA is hosted through MyTalent
    • If one-on-one training is required, the instructor will contact you with next steps
  • After completion of training, access will be assigned by staff in Student Information Systems which may take up to 5 normal business days. An automated message will be sent to you and the individual who requested the access once it is available.

Making Access Requests


Enroll & Pay Access Request Form (requires KU Online ID and password login)

Note: KUMC users without KU Online IDs should contact Carrie Scala, Campus Registrar, to begin their access and training request.


Enroll & Pay Access:

Lawrence and Edwards Campus Staff:

KUMC Staff: Contact Carrie Scala, Campus Registrar at

Other technical questions or issues:

Student Technology Help

Other System Access Requests

TouchNet Staff: eCommerce - DL

TouchNet Delegate: Assigned by Student and accessed through Enroll & Pay

Advising Tool: Access Request Form

Shared Drive: Typically administered by unit TSC