Policy & Access Definitions

Access Policy

  • All access is granted through an approval process and may require completion of training before assignment.
  • Users are granted minimum access for job requirements.
  • Access is automatically removed when users transfer departments or leave the University.

See also Access Process Overview and Request Form

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

No access is granted to the system without successful completion of FERPA training. Users may be required to take FERPA again annually or after transferring to a new department. If training is not completed access will be denied or removed.

Enroll & Pay Access Request Guidance

All faculty and staff should be aware that they have existing, limited access within the system which is available to them when they login with their normal KU credentials.

Individuals submitting request forms can find supporting information within Enroll & Pay to assist them in making selections on the form.

To access supporting materials:

  1.  Login to sa.ku.edu
  2. Click on the User Resources tile

               A computer screen with a clipboard and a checklist

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  1. Click relevant "Approval Notes" link


Please contact cs-security@ku.edu if you are having difficulties logging in.

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