Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find transcript information within the advising tool? It's not on the DPR.

A history of your coursework can be found on both the Courses tab and the Advising Report. The Degree Progress, Checklist and Advising Report Tutorial provides information on how to access the Advising Report.

When do the GPA's for the previous term display on the Advising Report?

Term GPA's for the last semester do not show up on the Advising Report forms until the beginning of the next term. Many school's forms have separate GPA's for the previous terms and "Calculated" GPA's on their DPR's that you can use until the next semester begins. 

Why are all of a student's transfer courses appearing on the under ONE semester when the student has taken more than one semester of transfer work?

The Degree Progress Report often uses on "articulation term" for all of the student's transfer work that comes in to KU at one time. The articulation term helps determine how a student's transfer work transfer to KU. It is often the first semester the student attends KU. Example: Jay Jayhawk took a total of 36 hours over 3 semesters at Johnson County Community College, from Summer 2020 through Spring 2021, and started at KU Fall 2021, but all their transfer work is showing the Fall 2021 term in the DPR. Fall 2021 is the articulation term in this example. Please note, however, the Advising Report shows the transfer work on each term the student actually took the courses.

What is the "articulation term" and why is it important?

The articulation term is the term for which a student's transfer work posts to their KU record. This is typically not the same term(s) a student takes transfer courses. A student can have more than one articulation term, depending on their overall academic record and when transfer courses were taken in relation to when KU work was taken. In the Degree Progress Report and Checklist, transfer courses show under the associated articulation term(s). Please note, however, the Courses Tab and Advising Report show the transfer work on each term the student actually took the courses.

What is the "requirement term" and why is it important?

The requirement term defines the student's set of degree requirements. Often, it is the student's initial term at KU, but rules vary by school and by the student's academic status and history. For most students, if they start at KU in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences in a particular term, e.g. the Fall 2021 semester and they remain in the College continuously, Fall 2021 would be their requirement term and they are responsible for completing degree requirements that were in effect for the Fall 2021 semester.

I have tried to use the system, and X doesn't work or I get an error message I don't understand. What do I do?

Contact IT support at 785-864-8080 and explain the problem. They may have further questions that will help get to the bottom of the issue.

I just got access to the Advising Tool, but I can't see the student photo or the tabs. An advisor associate of mine can see all of that information. What's up?

Different users can have different levels of access to the system. Many administrative support users have "read only" access to all tabs as well as the ability to generate a DPR and the Advising Report, while academic advisors have "read-write" access to all tabs and the Advising Notes. If you need access to this information as a part of your job duties, please contact us and let us know.

I need access to this system, how do I get it?

Policies on levels of access for staff and faculty can vary by school. You can apply for access on the Advising Tool/DPR Access Form. If you have completed all of the necessary forms and are just waiting for access, please contact

I need for my student hourly to have access to this system, how do I get it form them?

If you have a student hourly who assists with advising activities and they have a business need to access the system, you can request it for them on the Advising Tool/DPR Access Form. Please keep in mind that access for student hourlies will expire each Fall and Spring semester by the last day of finals, unless the student's supervisor contacts SIS at 785-864-5221 and makes arrangements to continue the student's access through the following term. If granted access, the student is only authorized to use their Advising Tool access for official KU business, while they are "on the clock" in the office where they work.

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