Degree Progress Report Overview

Degree Progress Report

The Degree Progress Report (DPR) is an online self-serve tool that allows you to track your progress toward completion of degree requirements. The general report will:

  • List course work completed at KU and at other schools from which you submitted official transcripts
  • List course work currently in progress
  • Place course work in degree requirement sections
  • Identify KU school requirements you still need to satisfy to graduate

How to Generate Your DPR

Visit Generating a Degree Progress Report for screen shots.

  1. Log in to the myKU Portal with your KU Online ID and password.
  2. Select the Academics  tab in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  3. Locate the My Progress area.
  4. Select the Progress tab (upper right-hand corner of the "My Progress" area).
  5. Select the Generate Report button.
  6. After you have generated your DPR:
    • Select the blue View DPR link to view your DPR, or;
    • Select the Checklist button to download a printable PDF

Get Your Course History

View the Advising Report tutorial (.pdf) for step-by-step information on how to download a listing of your classes taken by term and other academic information.

What-If Reports

To create your DPR with a different major, select "Create a new degree progress reports for a What-If new field of study" and click the Generate Report button. This will not change your major. It will only provide you with information.

Advising Appointments

Use the DPR to monitor your progress and prepare for meetings with your academic advisor. Always consult your advisor before finalizing any decision related to your academic plan. The DPR is for tracking your academic progress only and is not an official document.