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Enrolling in classes with optional discussions
The information for optional discussions is listed for informational purposes only, students do not enroll in the optional sections.   When enrolling the screen will say "Select Discussion Optional section (optional): chose the circle to the left of "No Selection".  All sections are closed since the student does not enroll in them, chosing "No Selection" will let the student enroll in the class.  Examples of courses with optional discussions are Biol 100, Biol 150, Chem 184, Chem 624, Phsx 211, Geol 101, and Th&F 101 etc.
How do I enroll in a different career, if I am a dual career student (examples of careers are undergraduate, graduate, law, undergraduate KUMC, graduate KUMC, and Medicine)
From Add a class you need to change the term under select term. You will have the same term for each career, examples Fall 2006 Law and Fall 2006 Graduate KUMC, if you are eligible to enroll for those careers. Select the term and career from the drop down list and then Press the Green CHANGE button off to the right of the term. The term will not actually change unless the Change button is clicked. Then enroll in the appropriate classes for that career.
Why can't I find the online grading or class roster?
When you first login to Enroll & Pay, you need to navigate to the Faculty Center.
Why can't I see the current term as a semester choice on the Student Center to add or drop courses?
The current term only shows during the time students can drop or add on-line, once the term no longer shows they need to contact  their appropriate Registrar's Office for instructions to drop or add a course.  If they just want to see their current schedule, they should look under academic history on the student center and click on Schedule/Grades and select the term they want to view. 

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