Student Search Help

The Student Search supports searches by:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • SAKU Student ID (7-digit, aka "Emplid," current ID in Enroll & Pay)
  • SRIS Student ID (6-digit, aka "Campus ID")

These search options have different capabilities and requirements:

  • Student ID must be an exact match or no results will be returned.
  • Name searches can be by first name, by last name, or both.
  • Name searches are not case-sensitive.
  • Partial names are allowed, with a minimum of two letters per name.
  • The partial name search is a "name begins with..." search.
  • First and last names may be entered in any order.

Search Results

The student search results will appear in a list, sorted by last name, which includes:

  • SAKU Student ID
  • Full name
  • Program (e.g. "Liberal Arts Undergraduate" or "Engineering Graduate")
  • FERPA hold indication

Students with multiple programs on file will be listed with all the programs, one per line.

To view a student's record, select the Student ID.

When attempting to view a record, the Student Information tool will perform a series of accessibility checks before displaying the record. If it is determined that access is not granted to the specific student, the tool will display a login screen allowing the student to grant access to the record for this session.

  • Any student with a FERPA hold must grant explicit access to the student record via the login screen.
  • Student and advisers are grouped: KU Medical Center and Non-KU Med. Only KUMC advisers can see KUMC students' records and likewise for non-KUMC. If a student has multiple careers, one at KUMC and one not, then advisers in both groups will be able to see that student's record.