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Uploading Grades From a File

Step 1 Save ID and Grade in an CSV (Comma delimited) file format, ID in the first column and Grade in the second column, the process will ignore any other columns. Macintosh users please use CSV (Windows) file format.

Step 2 Click on Upload at the bottom of grade roster.

Step 3 Type in file drive location and file name to upload or use the Browse feature.

Step 4 Click upload

Step 5 Check for any errors or grades not loaded at the bottom of the grade roster under Upload Summary. Fix any problems individually on the grade roster.

Step 6 SAVE and approve the grade roster if ready

Please note if grades are loaded more than once they override any grades already entered, but will not override already posted grades. Partial files do not work well for loading grades. If students that are withdrawn from the class exist in the file, they will not be loaded and will be listed in the Upload Summary as already having grades. Make sure student ID numbers are seven digits including those with a leading zero.


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